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Bo Bang Leather Co., Ltd. will participate in 2017 China International Leather Fair

His:1778  Time:2017-5-13 20:37:32

China International Leather Fair by the China Leather Association and the Asia-Pacific Leather Exhibition Co., Ltd. co-sponsored, August 30, 2017 to September 1 will be about the opening in Shanghai. Bobo Teflon Leather Co., Ltd. has registered exhibitors, booth number: E6 / / D15a, booth area of 96 square feet. Bobang Leather Co., Ltd. mainly sells ultra-fine fiber leather, glove leather, shoe leather, laborer leather, jewelry leather, luggage leather, garment leather and car interior. Widely used in home, shoes, labor protection supplies, clothing, bags, jewelry, belts, albums, gloves and other industries. Products are complete, welcome to the industry to visit the exhibition tour. Look forward to meeting you again in September in Shanghai.
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